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 Understanding Your Immune System and A.H.C.C. By Patricia Anne Mastroddi-Emond, Pulse Nutritional

Have you lost the Killer Instinct? Killer Cell, that is? Not to fear, A.H.C.C. arms you with the right ammunition to optimize your immune systems performance and fight the good fight.
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 GCP & A.H.C.C – Two Clinically Proven Products Beneficial to Prostate Cancer Patients

By Dr. Aaron Katz, Professor of Urology, Columbia Presbyterian Hospital/NYC; additional editorial by Patricia Anne Mastroddi-Emond, PULSE Nutritional While not every treatment is right for every person, one thing is certain: The immune system is a remarkable, complex system that needs to be kept fine-tuned to run smoothly and keep going. Products such as GCP and A.H.C.C. can do so very much to help the immune system, particularly the compromised immune system to rebuild and help halt disease and metastasis of disease.

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 Quality of Life Labs’ VitaPQQ® Wins NutraAward as Best New Finished Product of the Year

Have you VitaPQQ® from Quality of Life Labs has been named winner of the NutrAward as best new finished product of the year. The announcement was made at the closing awards ceremony of the Nutracon Conference on March 13th, 2010. Click here to read the entire article
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