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A Trusted name in CLINICALLY PROVEN , Top Selling Immune Modulators/Supplements for over 17 years!
We are now proud to bring you the most Sought After Product Lines ALL IN ONE PLACE to make your buying Fast, Simple, and Affordable!

Here you will find what you have already been purchasing:

  • Quality of Life Labs Health Care Line for consumers and practitioners including the ever popular AHCC/ImmunoKinoko and GCP/GeniKinoko (please call for special pricing on GCP/ImmunoKinoko)…and INTRODUCING some new QOL Nutraceuticals such as Presiquel ™, Unisorb Co-Q10 and Serenelin.
  • The Very Best from Nutrition International which includes their Longevity Science and Nutrivene lines as well as noted Immunologist Dr. Beardsley’s very popular PROBOOST THYMIC PROTEIN A.
    It gets even More Exciting! Due to demand we are adding sought after and popular products by ecoNugenics…including Dr. Isaac Eliaz HonoPure, ecoMetabolic, ecoSleep, ProstaCaid, PectaSol-C, Women’s Longevity Rhythms and many of their other best sellers such as PADMA Basic!
    We round off our new offerings with personal service, discounted pricing, ongoing promotions and personal phone assistance.

About Patricia


Being extremely interested in the immune system and products that could modulate and optimize its performance, Patricia became a consultant to one of the largest support groups in the country for health and cancer in the past and continues to help all those that need guidance or are sent by a health practitioner ….just call!
She has personally selected clinically proven products for Pulse Nutritional that continue to make a clear and positive difference in the lives of those referred to her for assistance…

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Why Pulse?

Client Testimonials

“Pulse Nutritional is an astounding company with the highest quality supplements. Patricia is very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding people to the right supplements for your better health.”
Julie Cridlebaugh, Client
“Patricia’s work ethic is admirable to say the least and her love of her work is only superseded by her love for the welfare of her clients and friends. I always know any questions I may have, she is always there to answer and help me find a path to recovery.”
J. Blackwell, Client
“Patricia is an extremely detail oriented, knowledgeable consultant. She consistently provides, holistic, supportive guidance to her clients, whose health and well being are her top priority. Patricia holds herself responsible for keeping current on nutritional research and imparts this knowledge to her client base. Her dedication and compassionate nature make her an indispensible resource for those who work with her.”
Rachel Zavarella, M.A.
“I have always appreciated the personal assistance I have received from Patricia at Pulse. She is a knowledgeable Consultant of the products she distributes. The pricing is competitive and delivery is excellent. I receive my products in two or three days. Pulse has been a pleasure for me to do business with.”
Robert Ayres, Client
“Patricia is very sincere. She knows the science behind the supplements she sells. She works tirelessly to support her clients’ needs.”
Bart Goldberg, Client
It’s been a pleasure dealing with Patricia at Pulse Nutritional over the last 5 years. I believe that the GCP and AHCC protocol and her counsel have been instrumental in maintaining my low PSA levels.
Terry Compton, Client Tucson, AZ
I want to thank you for taking the time to discuss the best supplements for me and my body! Since I have been taking Pulse Nutritional supplements I have had no pain and I am able to exercise more rigorously, like I could before my cancer diagnosis. The two supplements I am taking are ImmunoKinoko AHCC and PectaSol-C. I am praying they are killing the cancer.
Rhonda M

Doctor Testimonials

“GCP has been shown to interfere with cell growth in prostate cancer tumor models, and is an anti-angiogenesis substance both in vivo and in vitro. Lab experiments have shown GCP to have greater activity that Genistein alone.”
Dr. Aaron Katz, Director, Urologist, Winthrop Urology, NY
“AHCC is the most unique and innovative nutritional supplement to come along in years. Its ability to increase the effectiveness of the immune system through modulation of the NK cells and macrophages is true 21st century medicine.”
Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D., Centers for Integrative and Complementary Medicine

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409, 2020


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  LABOR DAY SALE - $40.00 (30 Packets) Limited Time!! Labor Day Sale $40.00..Limited Time! Dr. Beardsley, Esteemed Immunologist's ProBoost Thymic Protein A.... now available in 12 and 30 count at Pulse Nutritional!  Great Prices on both...visit soon and read more about how this WHOLE MOLECULE of Thymic Protein is in [...]

2507, 2020

GENIKINOKO $105.00 Plus Professional Consult by Prostate Consultant and Free Shipping – Pulse Nutritional

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GeniKinoko at the best internet site from a company that has been consulting with Prostate Cancer clients since 1998...and consultants to  one of the largest prostate groups in the U.S. for over 10 years. Companion Immune modulator $70 ImmunoKinoko 500mg or 750 mg.   Read our BLOG and articles regarding [...]

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AHCC/ImmunoKinoko/GCP…Pulse Nutritional SALE GCP 105.00, IMMUNOKINOKO 70.00 NKO Krill, Metasol, CoQ10 Save 15-20%

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GCP 105.00.....IMMUNOKINOKO 70.00....Original QOL Health Care Line  -  ImmunoKinoko -  Available at Pulse Nutritional -More Per Bottle at the Best Price!    $70.00 for 90 capsules....Choose either 90 Capsules Per Bottle - 500mg OR 60 Capsules Per Bottle 750 mg.....Don't Buy Anything Less Than the ORIGINALLY STUDIED AHCC! Companion Product to [...]