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    Urologist Formulated & Prostate Specific...

    ProstaCell® Utilizes Researched Natural Ingredients

    (One Bottle Is A One Month Supply and is Equivalent to 2 Bottles of Prostaquel)

    To support a Healthy Prostate in 2 Ways
    • Protects Prostate Cells.* - Epidemiological research indicates that Vitamins D and E, Selenium and plant-derived Isoflavones protect the DNA of prostate cells from hormone-associated changes.*
    • Supports a Strong urinary Flow* - Human clinical research has shown that saw palmetto, stinging nettles and pygeum reduce the frequency and urgency of urination, while increasing the urinary flow*
    This Exceptional Product, formulated by  Dr. Aaron Katz, Chairman of Urology at Winthrop Urology and Professor of Urology at NYU:
    • Utilizes Core anti-oxidants including Vitamin E, Green Tea and Selenium as                             L-Selenomethionine to work in stabilizing free radicals, making cells less vulnerable to attack.*
    • Includes Saw Palmetto, which researches shows supports the health and size of the prostate gland and protects it from the ill effects of testosterone.*
    • Contains ingredients that work in synergy to maintain a healthy prostate.*
    Start Protecting Your Prostate Health…Call Patricia for more Information & To Order Dual-Action ProstaCell® … Now! *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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    Satisfide® is a natural supplement for men who want to take control of their sexual health and satisfaction.* Satisfide™ supports all phases of sexual satisfaction: desire, performance, and endurance.*
    • Stimulates desire* Where does desire start? Testosterone is key. Virilast®, a proprietary blend of seven herbs, supports healthy levels of both testosterone and brain chemicals related to desire.* That’s thanks to the shilajit, asparagus, and Mucuna pruriens it contains. Zinc arginate, a highly bioavailable form of zinc, is also included in Satisfide because poor zinc status is linked with low testosterone levels.*
    •  Enhances performance* Proper blood circulation is a prerequisite for sexual performance. The body relies on nitric oxide for circulation because it increases the dilation of blood vessels, allowing more blood to flow through them. The ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris and shilajit in Virilast® support the production of nitric oxide, thereby enhancing circulation.* Virilast® also contains antioxidant herbs that reduce oxidative stress.*
    •  Increases endurance* Every athlete knows the importance of endurance to staying in the game, and the same is true of sexual satisfaction.  A triple-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trial with 148 subjects found that Virilast® improves sexual endurance in men.*

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