VIDEO by Patricia of Pulse who  has worked with the immune modulator almost 15 years and has spoken at Drew University of Medicine and Science on this subject as well as many prostate support groups.   Pulse is dedicated to assisting each and every individual using AHCC to use it correctly, benefit the most from its capacity of boost Natural Killer Cell (NK) activity, boost Interferon levels and Tumor Necrosis Factors (TNF’s)

Used for many with cancer and compromised immune systems, with more than 17 years in the making, having won two NutraCon awards and now also used in over 1,000 hospitals/clinics, it the largest selling supplement in Japan and googled more than 400,000 times a month on the internet.

I have personally seen AHCC/ImmunoKinoko bring tumor makers down, keep cancer at a standstill and in all who use it, increase immune strength and provide more energizing vitality!

Please read our articles on our web at for more information on your immune system and how it works; on the esteemed AHCC and GCP, and on Award Winning VitaPQQ…

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