The informative and weekly radio show ‘KATZ’ CORNER’ by urologist Dr. Aaron Katz speaks of QOL products that he recommends and have been clinically proven beneficial for prostate cancer.  Pulse, a consulting arm of Quality of Life Labs (the original supplier of GCP (GeniKinoko), AHCC (ImmunoKinoko), Prostacell and more), offers the nutraceuticals he speaks of in the HCP (Health Care Professional) Line at significant savings to both patients and doctors.

Visit the Pulse Nutritional web or call Toll Free 1-800-783-9109 for your free consultation with founder/owner Patricia Anne Mastroddi – for advise on diet, sleep, stress management, and protocol for these advertised products such as GCP, AHCC, ProstaCell, Lycocell, PalmettoSol.

Pulse Nutritional  stands ready to assist all listeners and has over a decade of experience with prostate cancer. Additional, Pulse offers other HCP products of notable mention: the Probiotic Bifilon, Nutracon Award Winner Metasol (Oligonol) for energy and anti-aging, Nutracon Winner VitaPQQ for mental focus, recovery from fatigue and protection of cell mitochondria, Femmenol  for balancing of female hormones and cardiovascular, mood and bone health and much more.