Available through Pulse in the Health Care Bottling as Well for an even better value, Stomach-Friendly BoneCal™ Builds Stronger, Healthier Bones Three Ways!

Triple Action BoneCal’s Unique One-of-a-Kind Formula with CoreMax(tm) does the following:

  • Suppresses Bone Breakdown – BoneCal(tm) is the only product in the U.S. that contains CoreMax(tm), a proprietary Japanese algae extract. A recently published placebo-controlled human clinical trial found that CoreMax(tm) significantly suppresses the breakdown of bone.
  • Promotes Calcium Absorption – Provides 1,000mg. of DimaCal(r) DiCalcium Malate++ – one of the best and most bioavailable and non-constipating sources of calcium. Absorption Studies show that DimaCal(r) is absorbed 1.43 times better than calcium citrate, 1.6 times better than calcium carbonate, and 2.14 times better than microcrystalline hydroxyapatite. BoneCal(r) also suppresses the rest by containing key co-nutrients necessary for calcium absorption, such as Magnesium and Vitamin D3 – in easy assimilated forms and clinically proven potencies.
  • Deposits Calcium into the Bones* – Once calcium has been absorbed in the bloodstream, Vitamin K is required to direct it into the bones and away from the arteries.* BoneCal includes 45Mcg of Vitamin K2 which a number of studies have shown to be better absorbed and longer-lasting than Vitamin K1.

(++DiCalcium Malate combines calcium (a naturally occurring mineral) with malic acid (from apples) to significantly improve absorption as compared to calcium carbonate. Unlike several other forms of calcium, DiCalcium Malate is also stomach-friendly.)