GeniKinoko™ (GCP)

Produced by the fermentation of soybean isoflavone extracts, especially rich in genistein content. GCP also contains basidiomycetes mushrooms for boosting immune response. All Natural and 100% Organic, GCP is supported by Clinical Research and is well documented in peer-reviewed Research Papers.

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PULSE PRICE: $101.25

ImmunoKinoko (AHCC)

Hospitals worldwide recommend it to their patients to support immune function & help improve the number and functions of immune system cells. Helps significantly increase immune response by promoting enhanced macrophage & T-cell activity & boosting peak Natural Killer (NK) cell function.

SRP $98.00 … PULSE PRICE: $73.50

Doctor Testimonials:

GCP has been shown to interfere with cell growth in prostate cancer tumor models, and is an anti-angiogenesis substance both in vivo and in vitro. Lab experiments have shown GCP to have greater activity than genistein alone.”* Dr. Aaron Katz, Director, Center for Holistic Urology, Columbia Presbyterian

“AHCC is the most unique and innovative nutritional supplement to come along in years. Its ability to increase the effectiveness of the immune system through modulation of the NK cells and macrophages is true 21st century medicine.” Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D., Centers for Integrative and Complementary Medicine


ecoNugenics  PectaSol-C®: Powder

The only Clinically Proven Modified Citrus Pectin for optimal cellular health

  • Scientifically researched for natural cellular support
  • Modified for enhanced absorbability
  • The patented form of modified citrus pectin
  • Developed by Integrative medical expert Dr. Isaac Eliaz

PectaSol-C Modified citrus pectin is readily and effectively absorbed into the bloodstream, where it can actively promote cellular health. It is the only modified citrus pectin supplement available that has been  clinically tested and proven to promote healthy cell growth and proliferation.

Pecta Sol-C Powder – 454 grams SRP: $99.00…

Special Pulse Price:   $85.00 

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Pecta Sol-C –  270 V-Caps, 800mg. SRP: $69.95…
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Dual-Action ProstaCell

This Exceptional Product, Dual-Action ProstaCell, formulated by Urologist Dr. Aaron Katz, Director of Holistic Urology/Columbia utilizes Researched Natural Ingredients to support a Healthy Prostate 2 Ways:
1) Protects Prostate Cells: Epidemiological research indicates Vitamins D, E, Selenium & Plant-derived Isoflavones protect the DNA of prostate cells from hormone-associated changes

2) Supports a Strong Urinary Flow: Human clinical research shows saw palmetto, stinging nettles & pygeum reduce the frequency and urgency of urination, while increasing urinary flow.

SRP: $39.95

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prostacell Lycocell LycopeneFormulated especially for Pulse Nutritional, our Lycocell Lycopene contains the patented Lyc-O-mato ™ material essential to ensuring it’s absorption for maximum benefit & protection to the prostate!Lycopene is especially concentrated in the prostate and is of specific protective benefit to the prostate as a powerful antioxidant. Contains the complex identical to that used in most successful clinical studies plus the necessary tocopherols & beta-carotene that naturally enhances the effect of Lycopene, and the phytoene, phytofluene and phytosterols key to providing maximum strength and maximum protection!SRP: $34.95….

PULSE Price: $28.00



  • Maintains healthy prostate function
  • Supports less frequent urination
  • Promotes healthy urinary flow

There is probably no herb that is more researched for its support of prostate health than saw palmetto. In fact, a recent meta-analysis — which analyzed the results of 17 human clinical trials involving over 4,000 subjects — concluded that saw palmetto increases urinary flow and reduces nighttime urinary frequency.

SRP: $19.95
PULSE Price: $14.50