GCP and AHCC available at the best prices in the Health Care Line are both clinically proven nutraceuticals used for prostate cancer with a high degree of success..

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GCP (GeniKinoko) has been shown to interfere with cell growth in prostate cancer tumor models, and is an anti-angiogenesis substance both in vivo and in vitro. Lab experiments have shown GCP to have greater activity than genistein alone.”*
Dr. Aaron Katz, Director, Center for Holistic Urology, Columbia Presbyterian

“AHCC (ImmunoKinoko) is the most unique and innovative nutritional supplement to come along in years. Its ability to increase the effectiveness of the immune system through modulation of the NK cells and macrophages is true 21st century medicine.”
Dr. Fred Pescatore, M.D., Centers for Integrative and Complementary Medicine

Dual-Action ProstaCell

This Exceptional Product, Dual-Action ProstaCell, formulated by Urologist Dr. Aaron Katz, Director of Holistic Urology/Columbia utilizes Researched Natural Ingredients to support a Healthy Prostate 2 Ways:

1. Protects Prostate Cells: Epidemiological research indicates Vitamins D, E, Selenium & Plant-derived Isoflavones protect the DNA of prostate cells from hormone-associated changes

2. Supports a Strong Urinary Flow: Human clinical research shows saw palmetto, stinging nettles & pygeum reduce the frequency and urgency of urination, while increasing the urinary flow.

Lycocell Lycopene

Formulated especially for Pulse Nutritional, our Lycocell Lycopene contains the patented Lyc-O-mato ™ material essential to ensuring it’s absorption for maximum benefit & protection to the prostate! Lycopene is especially concentrated in the prostate and is of specific protective benefit to the prostate as a powerful antioxidant.

Contains the complex identical to that used in most successful clinical studies plus the necessary tocopherols & beta-carotene that naturally enhances the effect of Lycopene, and the phytoene, phytofluene and phytosterols key to providing maximum strength and maximum protection! Contains the clinical dose of 30 mg per 2 softgels daily.

PalmettoSol (Strong Organic 8:1 Berry Extract)

Maintains healthy prostate function
Supports less frequent urination
Promotes healthy urinary flow

Not all saw palmetto products are the same! PalmettoSol™ from Quality of Life Labs is:

  • Standardized for potency, delivering a consistent level of actives (90% fatty acids) in every capsule.

  • Certified organic, so it is free of chemical pesticides,herbicides and fungicides.

  • Naturally extracted, using a low-temperature, highpressure CO2 technology — leaving it pure and untainted.High in antioxidants, providing 3x the beta-carotene, 10x the lutein and 30x the zeaxanthin of typical saw palmetto extracts.

  • Naturally preserved, with the O2B™ Peroxidation Blocker system, which uses natural antioxidants as stabilizers — not chemical preservatives