I was sent information on this Diabetes Diet site. It is clear there is information here that should be assimilated and processed by those wishing to know more about this disease.
From my viewpoint, I ALWAYS recommend the following: Seeing a qualified doctor to make the diagnosis and to ascertain the staging of the diabetic condition by levels that can be tested for. Diet is critical – that goes without saying, and exercise and avoiding alcohol is essentially important.
The most common form, Type 2 diabetes, effects between 90 to 95 percent of the population of around 35 million calculated to be included in the classification of being diabetic. With this condition these people produce insulin, but either their bodies don’t make enough of it or they cannot effectively use it.

Loy w-grade chronic inflammation (reflected by elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines in the blood stream), may stimulate insulin resistance in the liver, muscles, and vascular endothelium cells, the layer of thin, flat cells that lines the interior surface of ones blood vessels. Such inflammation can last for years before leading to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or hypertension.
From what Pulse Nutritional can do to help? Well, calling me to discuss your situation is a good start – just visit our web and email or call toll free 1-800-783-9109. I would strongly recommend the AHCC (we carry the original product from Japan in health care professional packaging). This product help liver functions in numerous ways while also strengthening the NK activity of your body and the immune system. For insulin dependent diabetics it is even more useful in controlling this disease.
Research as shown this to be clinically studied/proven.
I would also be willing to review your diet, assist with an exercise program and recommend any other nutraceuticals that may be helpful such as sustained release Co-Q10, CardioChol, both of which we offer.
Our web is undergoing some changes – adding new products, etc. but it is continually up and running on the worldwide web.
While I concentrate on prostate cancer, I also consult on various other cancers/diabetes/HIV/Hepatitis/MS – other conditions – as well as the important job of simply helping all to maintain an optimal, healthy immune support system. So Important! Happy Upcoming Halloween Season and limit yourself to partaking of your children’s treats! (smart parents will limit theirs as well)