An Exclusive Formula of Four Powerful, All-Natural Ingredients designed to Support and to Strengthen your Immune System!

Immuno Complex™ brings together East and West by combining Astragalus from China and medicinal mushrooms (AHCC®) from Japan with Echinacea from the Native Americas, to create a complete Quality of Life complex.

  • Innovative, state-of-the-art, natural dietary supplement complex, specifically designed to strengthen the immune system.*
  • Combines AHCC®, Astragalus, Echinacea and Vitamin C to interact synergistically ( See AHCC details under all AHCC products for complete details on it properties) and read Patricia’s article In Tune With Your Immune (click here)
  • AHCC: unique molecule processed from hybridization of several species of medicinal mushrooms scientifically shown to enhance immune response by increasing the activity of the white blood cells. (Low molecular weight, 5,000 Daltons, ensures optimal absorption.)
  • ASTRAGALUS: Traditional Chinese medical herb shown to support white blood cell function.*
  • ECHINACEA: Traditional Native American herb, most widely researched herb on the market. Shown to support immune function and to enhance NK cell and Interferon activity.*
  • VITAMIN C: Commonly used anti-oxidant, supports immune response, produces lymphocytes (white blood cells).*
Particularly popular during Seasonal Changes, especially if taken as a “daily vitamin for the immune system,” as recommended.