Fermented Soy: While for quite a long time it was thought soymilk was beneficial, we now know that “fermented” soy leads the pack and protects the prostate a great deal better.  Many studies done at Columbia, UCDavis, Cornell, and MDAnderson – to name a few – have shown this type of soy many indeed slow the growth of prostate cancer cells.  Pulse Nutritional is dedicated to providing and assisting you with using GCP (GeniKinoko), the most revered fermented soy product with the most favorable proven studies.

 So what is “fermented soy?” Miso, tofu, tempeh and natto are fairly good examples. No, this is not another language these are foods that were mostly consumed by Japanese men – who have very little incidence of prostate cancer – and now are available to all. Does this mean you need to run to the nearest Japanese restaurant or stock your shelves with these staples? Not at all.  Many health food stores and even supermarkets today offer a variety of soy yogurts, packaged tofu in the product section (a good substitute in dishes calling for chicken, meat, and fish due to its high protein). Just sauté’ or stir fry with beneficial veggies  such as mushrooms, cabbage, kale, broccoli (all high in anti-tumor capacity) and add some spices such as ginger, garlic, turmeric – delicious and prostate positive!

So while studies have shown the benefits of fermented soy, if you are not inclined to the taste of these foods, Pulse Nutritional offers a health care professional capsule form (GCP -GENIKINOKO) that provides a clinical dose of the studied original product. “(It’s a promising approach,” said Ralph de Vere White, Professor of Urology, director of the UC Davis Cancer Center, and principal investigator of the GCP studies. “If we can find a chemopreventive agent capable of slowing or stopping the progression of early, localized prostate cancer, it would be an important development in our treatment of the disease.”) Read on the PULSE web of its influential role in lowering the PSA.

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