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Below is an article written on AHCC by Patricia worth the read!

Understanding Your Immune System and A.H.C.C. By Patricia Anne Mastroddi-Emond, Pulse Nutritional

In Tune With Your Immune

Have you lost the Killer Instinct? Killer Cell, that is?

Not to fear, A.H.C.C. arms you with the right ammunition to optimize your immune systems performance and fight the good fight.

The Special Forces

In order to get your immune system up and running, you must consider its key players and what they do. Take a quick look at some of your immune system’s soldiers and the job they do:

  • T-Cellsare thymus-derived lymphocytes. Your thymus gland, bone marrow and spleen are the only three things making immune cells, so your T-Cells are very important. The different type of T-Cells include:Helper T-Cells which help other white blood cells function; Suppressor T-Cells, which inhibit white blood cell functions, and Cytoxic T-Cells that attack and destroy foreign tissue such as cancer and virus infected cells. Your ratio of Helper T-Cells to Suppressor T-Cells is indeed a useful determinant of your immune function. Having a CDC (immune panel) blood test done will give you a good idea of your T-Helper Cell to T-Suppressor Cell ratio.
  • B-Cells – The function of your B-Cells is to produce antibodies, which are large protein molecules that bind to antigens. After the antibody binds to the antigens, it sets up a sequence of events that can ultimately destroy infectious organisms or tumor cells.
  • Macrophagesare actually monocytes that take up residence in specific tissues, such as the spleen, liver and lymph nodes.The duty of these large cells is to engulf foreign particles, such as bacteria, and debris, and protect from invasion by micro-organisms that damage the lymphatic system.

  • Natural Killer Cells (NK) are named for their important responsibility:to seek and destroy cells that have becomecancerous or infected with virus. Importantly, these NK Cells are the first line of defense against cancer developmentThe level of activity of Natural Killer Cells is usually quite low in Cancer and other immune disorders.

The Battle Plan

Taking the supplement A.H.C.C. has been clinically proven to significantly increase NK Cell activity by doing the following:

  • Significantly multiplying the number of your explosive granules within these Killer Cells. In essence the more granules your Natural Killer Cell carries the more ability it has to fight cancer and virus-infected cells. In turn this increases your NK Cells so they can attach themselves to cancer/tumor cells, infiltrating and destroying them.
  • Increasing interferon levels. Interferon is a potent compound produced by the body that inhibits replication of viruses and other parasites and helps to increase NK Cell activity.
  • Increasing Increasing the formation of TNF’s (Tumor Necrosis Factors), a special group of proteins that help destroy cancer cells.
  • Stimulating/ Increasing activity of key immune cells, such as T-Cells and B-Cells.


Winning the War

Whether fighting Cancer, Hepatitis-C, HIV, or other serious immune diseases, A.H.C.C. can make a significant difference. As evidenced in Human Clinical Studies, it has been instrumental in not only helping to bring about cancer remission, but in extending quality of life and median survival rate. It has also been extremely useful in treating and helping to reverse Hepatitis-C.

In addition to its primary use in a Clinical dosing for Cancer, A.H.C.C.also makes great sense as a preventative. The average adult dose would be between 250 mg. and 500 mg. daily to optimize your immune systems. It is completely non-toxic and even safe for children as well and used across the country in hospital and clinical settings.

 PULSE Nutritional has been working closely with this product since its introduction into the United States. We would be pleased to provide you with this exceptional award-winning product whether for treating serious conditions or for maintaining overall good health! Pulse Nutritional would be pleased to also offer you the proper support/protocol for taking this exceptional product.

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