PectaSol-C® is the most researched and effective Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) supplement available! Ongoing clinical and scientific data demonstrates that PectaSol-C® MCP offers a number of important health benefits: PULSE brings you this top selling product year ‘round at Great Savings! And PectaSol-C® capsules are perfect for those who travel and wish to take with ease.

  • Supports Cellular Health* Maintains Healthy Galectin-3 Levels*   Supports Healthy Immune Response* Works Synergistically with ProstaCaid® and BreastDefend®*

What is PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)? Traditional  citrus pectin supports digestive health, but the molecules are too large to enter the circulation — meaning benefits are restricted to the GI tract.. PectaSol-C® MCP uses an advanced modification process that reduces the size and structure of the pectin, allowing absorption  into the circulatory system , delivering total-body benefits related to cellular health, immunity and more.* Supports Healthy Cells & Blocks Galectin-3* Over the last decade, scientists and researchers have shown that cellular, cardiovascular, and other critical areas of health are significantly affected by elevated levels of “rogue protein” galectin-3. Therefore, finding a way to maintain healthy galectin-3 levels is of key importance in supporting wellness and longevity. Modified Citrus Pectin is the most-researched galectin-3 blocker, and PectaSol-C® is the most-researched modified citrus pectin, delivering unparalleled support for numerous areas of health through its ability to successfully bind and block excess galectin-3.*

  • Supports a Healthy Immune Response*

Research demonstrates that PectaSol-C® MCP actively promotes immune health and supports a healthy Immune Response.* The Only Clinically Researched Modified Citrus Pectin  PectaSol-C® is the only MCP with nearly two decades of scientific substantiation showing its unique benefits for cellular, cardiovascular and immune health, detoxification and more. PectaSol-C® provides a simple, all-natural method for supporting numerous critical areas of health because of its ability to naturally block the effects of excess galectin-3 throughout the body.* Since Modified Citrus Pectin is not a carefully defined term in the supplement industry, beware there are multiple citrus pectin products that will not have the same effect as seen in published studies. That’s because, unlike PectaSol-C®, the molecules they contain are simply too large to be easily absorbed and used by your body. PectaSol-C® is the only MCP with the correct molecular weight and structure of  < 15 kDa (kilodaltons) and a low degree of esterification, for optimal health support as demonstrated in the published literature.*

  • Targeted Cellular Support for Men and Women

For Men: Multiple published studies show that PectaSol-C® supports prostate cellular health and other key areas of health, safely and naturally. Research also shows that ProstaCaid works synergistically in combination with PectaSol-C® for enhanced prostate health benefits. For Women: PectaSol-C® offers important cellular health support, including breast health support and other benefits. One study showed that PectaSol-C® combined with BreastDefend® worked synergistically for even greater benefits in breast health.* Patented  PectaSol-C® Modified Citrus Pectin is 100% vegetarian, allergen and gluten free, and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. All of ecoNugenics supplements are manufactured in a manner that meets or exceeds the current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines, as outlined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). PectaSol-C® MCP is a special class of pectin developed by Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD, MS, LAc. Dr. Eliaz has researched and published articles on modified citrus pectin for over a decade. PectaSol-C® MCP is protected by US patents #6,274,566, #6,462,029, #7,026,302, #7,452,871, and #8,426,567. Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement for maximum support, take one 6 capsules 3 times daily on an empty stomach. For long term maintenance, take one 6 capsules on an empty stomach or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. One Container of 270 capsules will last 15 days and 2 Containers will last 1 month at the maximum dose of 18 per day.  For maintenance dose 1 Container of 270 will last 45 days.  Call Patricia of Pulse 800.783.9109 as she has worked with this product for 17 years if any questions regarding dosing for your individual needs.