Gamma E Complex Antioxidant Protection – BEST FOR YOUR PROSTATE!

There are four natural forms of vitamin E (four tocopherols): d-alpha, d-beta, d-delta, and d-gamma.

The vast majority of E supplements contain only alphaT (alpha tocopherol), and many “mixed tocopherol” products only contain trace amounts of non-alpha vitamin E. Even when vitamin E products have a standardized amount of gammaT and many do not contain a sufficient amount of gammaT in comparison to the alphaT they contain. This is important, as higher intake of alphaT is known to decrease body levels of gammaT, a nutrient that has beneficial effects on human health, for all but especially important to Prostate Health. (call Patricia of Pulse Nutritional for more information if needed)

 Additional supplementation of gammaT is known to increase both alphaT and gammaT levels. Additionally, although gammaT is absorbed into the body from the digestive tract as well as alphaT, the body cannot retain gammaT in the body for very long. It is not surprising then that individuals typically have four to ten times the amount of alphaT compared to gammaT in their system. Therefore, a good vitamin E supplement should not only contain gammaT, but have a much higher ratio of gamma E to alpha E. As the alphaT amount is less per dose, this product may be taken 2-4 times daily in divided doses, as opposed to once daily, to maintain higher gammaT levels in the body over longer periods of time.

Each bottle contains  60 softgels.