Important Note from Patricia of Pulse  

                                TAKE 3! Exciting Changes to Note:

1.               The Addition of Several New Health Care Professional Products Very Soon!

2.   Pulse Nutritional will debut their Flag Ship” Product, GeniKinoko, Privately Labeled by Quality of Life Labs, maintaining the lowest internet price of $101.25 (It will be Rising under the GeniKinoko name by $20-35 more elsewhere).  TheEXACT SAME PRODUCT ALWAYS OFFERED – GENIKINOKO – BUT IN OUR OWN PULSE BOTTLE! This is very exciting for us…so, look

for it on our site with our Pulse Nutritional Logo –  under GCP/Genistein Combined Saccharide –  SOON! 

3.  Following are the imagesof the New HCP Bottles and below them a Conversion Chart

So you are aware!Please remember, they are theEXACT SAME INGREDIENTS, EXCIPIENTS, STRENGTH…

just different bottling to fit into our HCP Line and Pulse Nutritional is proud to have that line, reserved for doctors, to offer you.    

  I am illustrating this so you can identify them easily and make theswitch when you are ready!       


MITOVIVA              =               VITAPQQ                    

         HCP     OMEGA PL                  =                 NKO KRIL OIL



PROSTAQUEL                 =        PROSTACELL



ALLERSOL                   =               ALLERFIN







UNISORB   Q10              =         COQ10-SR



Conversion   Chart –  Consumer to HCP Branding

Consumer Product     Name         HCP Health Care Professional     Brand Name
VitaPQQ                                                                             Mitoviva        
SRCo-Q10                                                                          Unisorb Q10
Neptune Krill     Oil                                                           Omega PL
ProstaCell                                                                       Prostaquel                 
Allerfin                                                                            Allersol
Pure Balance     Serotonin                                          Serocort


Thank you for reading this   Important Email correspondence and

Taking a closer look at the   new HCP Products Soon to be sold on our web….

we at Pulse will continue   to bring you the cutting edge products  you want at the

prices you need! So   remember, Don’t waste time on inferior supplements –

choose the Health Care   Professional Line at Pulse for the RIGHT protection and optimal health!


So Keep on the PULSE BEAT   OF GOOD HEALTH and start feeling the

difference clinically   tested, doctor-invented nutraceuticals make in your life

and that of your loved   ones.  


Hope this   helps you make the Informed and Best Choice!


Kind Regards,  

Patricia and   The Pulse Nutritional Team