COGNI-Q BENEFITS ARE MEMORABLE!  Patented, Clinically Studied Supplement, Better Cognition & Emotional Health! Cogni-Q™ is a dietary supplement for improved overall health. The active ingredient is INM®-176 which is derived from natural angelica root. All Natural INM-176 has been shown in Scientific Research to support Healthy Brain Function.  Cogni-Q™ supports and Promotes Normal Brain Function including Cognitive Agility, Mood and Emotional Well Being, and anti-oxidation. Overview of Cogni-Q (INM®176)

  • Patented proprietary extractof ingredient derived from the root of Angelica Root Extract (gigas nakai), grown and harvested under strictly controlled conditions to yield a high content of the active ingredients – Decursin and Decursinol
  • Subject of Significant Research, including safety and efficacy studies on both Humans and animals with Studies published in several Prestigious Scientific Journals
  • A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled 3-month Human Clinical Trial conducted at Samsung Seoul Hospital with 80 subjects demonstrated the efficacy and safety of INM 176 in improving cognitive function.
  • A Phase-III Multi-Center, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Human Clinical Study involving 170 subjects is demonstrating very strong early results
  • 100% natural ingredient with long historyof use in traditional medicine with a Strong Safety Profile.
  • Having received Regulatory Approval, products containing the ingredient are currently being sold in Korea and Japan with excellent results, driving repeat orders and attracting new customers!

Proposed mechanisms of action of INM-176

  • Anti-oxidation – Protects Brain Cells from Oxidation
  • Supports a Health response to Inflammation
  • Increases Levels of Acetylcholine helping with age related memory problems.
  • Helps to inhibit acetylcholinesterase (the enzyme that breaks down Acetylcholine) thereby increasing levels of this Memory-Supporting chemical in the synapses.
  • Neuroprotection


  • Highly efficacious nutraceutical with strong safety data for supporting cognitive function
  • Supported by clinical research based on rigorous research standards
  • Potential Benefits Include
    • Preserving Memory
    • Promoting Cognitive Function
    • Protecting Nerve Cells
    • Helping prevent lipid peroxide production

Excellent Nutritional Supplement ingredient for Older Persons concerned With Maintaining Memory and Younger Persons Seeking To Improve Mental Performance!