A Trusted name in CLINICALLY PROVEN , Top Selling Immune Modulators/Supplements for over 17 years!
We are now proud to bring you the most Sought After Product Lines ALL IN ONE PLACE to make your buying Fast, Simple, and Affordable!
Here you will find what you have already been purchasing:
• Quality of Life Labs Health Care Line for consumers and practitioners including the ever popular AHCC/ImmunoKinoko and GCP/GeniKinoko (please call for special pricing on GCP/ImmunoKinoko)…and INTRODUCING some new QOL Nutraceuticals such as Presiquel ™, Unisorb Co-Q10 and Serenelin.
• The Very Best from Nutrition International which includes their Longevity Science and Nutrivene lines as well as noted Immunologist Dr. Beardsley’s very popular PROBOOST THYMIC PROTEIN A.
It gets even More Exciting! Due to demand we are adding sought after and popular products by ecoNugenics…including Dr. Isaac Eliaz HonoPure, ecoMetabolic, ecoSleep, ProstaCaid, PectaSol-C, Women’s Longevity Rhythms and many of their other best sellers such as PADMA Basic!
We round off our new offerings with personal service, discounted pricing, ongoing promotions and personal phone assistance.
About Patricia

Being extremely interested in the immune system and products that could modulate and optimize its performance, Patricia became a consultant to one of the largest support groups in the country for health and cancer in the past and continues to help all those that need guidance or are sent by a health practitioner ….just call!
She has personally selected clinically proven products for Pulse Nutritional that continue to make a clear and positive difference in the lives of those referred to her for assistance…