Pulse Nutritional, with over a decade working with prostate cancer patients brings individuals the researched/proven products they need: the original GCP, AHCC in health care packaging – as well as others that are urologist formulated and effective.

Dedicated to state of the art natural, proven, clinically studied nutraceuticals available to all, Pulse offers their Health Care Line as discount and free consultation with Patricia Mastroddi, who is pleased to have worked with hundreds of prostate cancer patients ove the years.

State-of-the-art studies products include GCP (GeniKinoko), AHCC (ImmunoKinoko), Modified Citrus Pectin (EcoNugenics brand formulated by Dr. Eliaz), Dual Action ProstaCell (formulated by Dr. Katz), Lycocell (original studied product), and Organic, strong 8:1 PalmettoSol saw palmetto.

Read Patricia’s latest article on the Pulse Blog entitled: PAACT: SPECIAL ARTICLE FOR PROSTATE CANCER PATIENTS – BEAT THE ODDS! Pulse Nutritional:The information you NEED, the products you WANT, the Personal Service you DESERVE….for more information.